In Defense of “Jennifer’s Body” (aka: Fuck You, “Drag Me to Hell”)

It’s a shame that Jennifer’s Body isn’t being released on DVD until December 29,* because I would’ve bought it for myself and as a Christmas gift for someone else.  The movie was tragically underpromoted, people.  Tragically underpromoted.  It was also treated rather unfairly by critics, might I add.

Jennifer’s Body is ridiculous, campy, and rife with Diablo Cody-esque (or should I say Juno-esque?) dialogue.  Thing is, it’s also funny, smart, women-centered.  I loved it.  My brother—Mr. I Hate Watching Movies—loved it.  Cody set out to make a more female-empowering take on the cheesy slasher genre that would appeal to both sexes, and she succeeded.  It’s awesome.

Yet here we are at the end of 2009, with all those “Best of 2009” lists being published, and the campy horror film getting all the love is Sam Raimi’s racist, sexist, vulgar (not to mention horribly stupid and boring) Drag Me to Hell.

I had the “pleasure” of seeing Drag Me To Hell in a packed theatre.  I saw it at the dollar movies late this summer.  When the end credits started to roll, the audience collectively laughed in shocked disbelief.  As people began to trickle out, all you could hear was, “I want my dollar back,” “That was stupid,” and “That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.”  This?  This is “real America’s” reaction to that piece of crap movie.

Jennifer’s Body never even made it to the dollar movie theatre.  Hell, it barely had a chance to stay in first run theatres.  This is depressing, because it would’ve had an audience there.  It would’ve (and should’ve) had a full house on dollar theatre opening weekend.

But no.  We’re comparing apples and oranges here, aren’t we?  Sam Raimi has given us Spider-Man and Evil Dead.  He’s a bonafide genius, so Drag Me to Hell is genius.  The movie isn’t racist or sexist; the problem is that complainers aren’t smart enough to get the jokes.  Whereas Diablo Cody gave us Juno, which was just a successful girl movie.  Ew, girl movies.


Anyway, back to those Best of ’09 lists: If some unknown person besides the Evil Dead guy had attempted Drag Me to Hell, the movie would have likely gone straight to DVD.  I’m not saying Jennifer’s Body was a Top 10 type of movie (unless you’re listing Top 10 Fun Popcorn Movies).  However, if you’re going to embrace camp in your list, at least pick a campy movie that isn’t a steaming pile of shit.

*Whip It is another movie I’m sad to see not getting released on DVD during the holiday season.


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One Response to In Defense of “Jennifer’s Body” (aka: Fuck You, “Drag Me to Hell”)

  1. corcey says:

    I agree. Drag Me to Hell is a sad excuse for a movie.

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