Change We Can Believe In

Coleen Rowley: New Warnings to New War President

Daisy’s Dead Air: Can I ask for my vote back, Mr President?

Tonight, as President Barack Obama makes a mockery of his Nobel Peace Prize and decides to escalate the Afghanistan War, I take formal leave of the Democratic Party.  I am now, officially, out the door.

Reclusive Leftist: The presidency as performance

Why do we still go through this pretense of voting?…The military-industrial complex trundles along as ever, forging the path of Empire. The only difference is who’s on TV. Flight suit or sober business attire? Weighty tomes or fresh-faced cadets?

Amy Siskind: Obama’s Misogynistic Associations Haunt Him

If we are to judge our president by whom he surrounds himself with, then what do Obama’s selections of Warren and Summers tell us? That Obama’s version of diversity does not include gay and women’s rights.

The Sanctuary: Quiet Raids, Slippery ICE and Grinches

The Bush administration favored dramatic, SWAT-like raids, but the Obama administration is taking a non-confrontational route. As Rosa reports, ICE has announced the latest wave of audits ahead of time, though specific business are not being named “due to the ongoing, law enforcement sensitive nature” of the audits.

Jezebel: The Audacity of Help

Critics are complaining that President Obama’s Tuesday night address lacked analysis of the situation facing women in the region, which appears to contradict Hillary Clinton’s pledge to make women’s issues a cornerstone of national security strategy. Was the omission intentional?


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