Wednesday Link Love

Excellent read – NY Magazine: Just how pro-choice is America, really?

NARAL’s Nancy Keenan likes to say that abortion’s biggest defenders right now are a “menopausal militia”—a rueful, inspired little joke. These baby-boomers, whose young adulthoods were defined by the fight over the right to choose, will soon be numerically overtaken by a generation of twentysomethings who is more pro-life than any but our senior citizens.

Al Norman: Another Wal-Mart “Shoplifting” Nightmare

On December 3rd, a 15 year old black girl will enter a Juvenile Courtroom in Davenport, Iowa to face charges of shoplifting $39 worth of merchandise from the Wal-Mart superstore on West Kimberly Road…Destiny Crawford, the 15 year old defendant, denies she stole anything from Wal-Mart. But the ordeal she went through after the alleged incident doesn’t fit the crime.

NPR: Flood of Immigrants to Long Island Sparks Tension

The group Food not Bombs hands out fresh groceries here once a week. …”The first woman that drove up said, ‘This is great bread!’ and she started putting bread in her bag,” says Stepanian. “She started talking to us, and she goes, ‘Do you feed the illegals?’ We said, ‘We feed everybody. The food’s free. We think food’s a right.’ She goes, ‘You can’t do that, though. This is my community!'”

Monitor Mix: Britney Spears, Meet Beth Ditto (photo @ link possibly NSFW)

I found it particularly intriguing that [Britney’s] freak-out was so tied to her image…she said, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me” and demanded to be allowed to tear out her own hair extensions, bit by bit. When no one would help her, she took clippers and shaved her own head…[I]sn’t it interesting that…what she wanted control over was her own body; her image?

imisslincoln: I can see how you are seeing me

I work retail. So do a lot of other people, in a lot of other ways, but I don’t think I’d be out of line if I said that retail sales is not a position of great prestige…Nonetheless, I like my job. And you know what? I’m good at it, because a fancy degree in english lit means one thing: I really dig books…It’s because of this that I take offense when I can see the sexism, racism, and classism of my customers.

More links after the jump

Violet Blue: Real, honest female orgasm advice

Feministe: In Defense of “Douchebag”

FWD/Forward: Disabled Sexuality and Disempowerment Through Fetishization

Bitch Blogs: On the Map: All Hail the Ice Queen

MultiCultiClassics: Show me the stimulus money

Cycads: The hidden penis: on censorship, the female gaze and the queer eye

Bitch: Adopt-ation: A feminist take on the state of the adoption industry

Racialicious: It’s Not All About You, or The Case for Empathy

What Tami Said: When allies fail – Part One and Part Two

Small Strokes: “I’m not a feminist, but…”

Feminists for Choice: Thoughts on the Feminist Generational Divide

And finally, considering the recent security breach that allowed two people to sneak into the White House, a summary of the death threats against Obama:


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