Changing Boob Perceptions through Star Power

By Bridgett, originally published at Her Life With Boobs.

Angelina Jolie breastfeeding

I’ll admit it, Angelina Jolie is not one my favorite people.  She goes overboard, does everything to an extreme, she pushes the edge, and kisses her brother (with tongue) on national television.  But like most people in the world, I can find something positive about her.  I came across this photo when researching for famous boobs (lol), and I really liked it.

Normally I don’t like Angie’s envelope pushing escapades, but this time she gave something back to women: our right to dress sexy and have boobs portrayed in a natural, non-sexual manner.

It really struck me that she is confident enough to dress as she wants despite the traditional, socialized view to look “motherly” while feeding the baby.  You know what I’m talking about.  The media always shows the nursing mom as the woman with the soft hair, dim lighting, and has a long, modest nightgown she must unbutton to nurse.

She certainly isn’t wearing lipstick, designer shades, with her hair done.  Nor is is she revealing a low cut top that she just needs to pull down to feed the baby.  Isn’t it ironic how society dictates our perception of what is acceptable with the boob and what is not?  I thought it was the most powerful image altering view of the boob until I saw this photo of Jerry Hall breastfeeding a baby.

Jerry Hall breastfeeding

This image made me think a few things right off the bat.  She wants to be seen as powerful, feminine, nurturing, and in charge.  I see Jerry Hall breaking gender stereotypes all across the board in this photo.  There is nothing soft about her, only the baby seems approachable.  Is this the image of the woman who has it all?  Does she feel equality and freedom to repel the social taboo of exposed boobs doing what they were intended to do?

She is purposely not smiling.  What message is she sending to us?  Some men and women who have never breastfed an infant could interpret this photo to mean that Jerry Hall is an all buisness nursing mother, but anyone who has breast fed a baby into toddlerhood would strongly dispute this.

Those were my questions and I set out to answer them for your sake and mine.


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One Response to Changing Boob Perceptions through Star Power

  1. [Name and website redacted] says:

    Angelina Jolie is amazingly sexy. If it takes a bably for her to show her boobs in public, then I’m all for it.

    Moderator’s note: I let this one through just so I could say UGH! She’s using her breasts to feed her baby, not “showing her boobs in public” for your viewing pleasure, asshole.

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