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The F-Word: Sexually assaulted during Reclaim the Night London

Last night, I marched through the streets of central London with 2,000 other women and dozens of police escorts, holding a sign that said “End violence against women”…Last night, when I should have felt at my most powerful, most inspired and safest, I was sexually assaulted.

Cockroach People: Immigrant Detainee Hotels

Last month, the Obama administration announced plans to begin housing some non-criminal immigrant detainees in converted motels and nursing homes. Housing detainees in motels instead of jails as they await deportation isn’t exactly what immigration reform advocates had in mind when they voted for “change.”

Salon: And may your first child be a feminine child

I remember the sonogram tech revealing that our first child was a masculine child, in the same way I remember Oprah revealing she had given her audience members cars. “Look under your seats and you’ll find your … BAY-BEE’S PEEE-NIS!!”

The Unapologetic Mexican: A Plush Destiny for Yet Another Pawn…

SIXTY-ONE YEAR OLD DANNIE BAKER stood up one day and grabbed his gun. He was getting ready to do some damage…A problem he had tipped off one of his neighbors to recently. Neighbor Crystal Lynn says “he did come up to me one time and asked me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrant in my house to get them out.”

Gender Across Borders: Racism and Sexism in Standardized Testing

Racism: I was told by many test-prep books that I should learn all sailing and opera/music words…Sailing is usually associated with someone who comes from a wealthy background, and/or has access to a sailboat. Many underprivileged minority kids have never sailed a boat before; how are they ever expected to know this?

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Scott Mendelson: Five terrible male role models in guy-centric blockbusters

Muslimah Media Watch: Saudi Cartoonist Hana Hajar Sketches a Path for Female Cartoonist

Monitor Mix: What’s in an indie?

Marisa Acocella Marchetto: No Breast Left Behind (possibly NSFW)

Racialicious: What Do We Want?

La Frontera Times: Diabetes is an Epidemic in Latino Community…Manny is Changing That

Bitch PhD: Against Pseudonymity and Sexual Shame

Womanist Musings: But Accessibility is too Expensive

stuff white people do: mistake greeks for arabs, arabs for muslims, and muslims for terrorists

Jezebel: After Neda: “Now I Have Left Iran, I Can Cry Out To Break The Silence”

On the UC fee hikes (via Angus):


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