Weekend Link Love

TransGriot: Time To End Putting People’s Civil Rights Up For A Majority Vote

TIME: Rape and the plight of the female migrant worker

Criss Writes: My Cis Priviledge & the #ProChoice Movement

Womanist Musings: Honouring The Rage

Austin-American Statesman: State elections official fired after poking fun at Spanish-speaking voters

Monitor Mix:  Rock music goes the way of the beard

FWD/Forward: Why are they so angry at her?

The Pursuit of Harpyness: Is Feminist Punditry Really Possible? (Or Positive?)

Jezebel: Why Men Should Learn To Like Period Sex

Racialicious: Dulce Pinzón’s The Real Story of the Superheroes

Feministe: Raising a Progressive-Minded Kid

Flip Flopping Joy: slave woman/mistress

Muslimah Media Watch: Marketing Muslim Lifestyles and Rethinking Modesty

stuff white people do: get inside the heads of non-white people

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project: “No One Should Go Through What I Went Through:”

Feel free to leave your links in the comments!


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