Thursday Link Love

Holy crap, not being on top of the link situation for 5 straight days is brutal.  I have more things starred in my Reader than I know what to do with!

Daily Kos: Fun with Numbers on Abortion Coverage

On the Issues: The ‘New’ Population Control Craze: Retro, Racist, Wrong Way to Go

Think Progress: Texas gay marriage ban may have outlawed all marriages in Texas

Our Bodies Our Blog: New Mammogram Guidelines Are Causing Confusion, But Here’s Why They Make Sense

Monitor Mix: Risk Management: Can An Artist Sell Out When There Are No Boundaries?

Latino Like Me: George Lopez “Races” Late Night

Feministing: HPV vaccine requirement for immigrant women rescinded

La Frontera Times: ICE Seeking Bids for 2200 Bed Prison in Los Angeles…More Prisons

Joe. My. God.: ‘Til Death Do You Part (Or Not)

South Texas Chisme: More than half of Texas H1N1 fatalities are Hispanic

Jezebel: Rapists Admit Repeated Crimes — As Long As You Don’t Call It “Rape”

Hoyden About Town: So, is a certain athletic shoe company just trolling the feminist blogs?

Michelle Obama Watch: Google Rocks! Offensive Caricutre of First Lady Removed from Images Search

Daily Kos: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tries to Blackmail North Dakotans

Student Activism: UCLA Tasers Student Protesters, Then Denies It

(via Echidne) How women around the world cope with living on $1 a day:


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