Palin is “all for” racially profiling Muslims

via TPM

Transcript after the jump:

Hannity: So you think Ft. Hood was an act of terrorism?

Palin: I certainly do, and I think that there were massive warning flags that were missed all over the place, and I think it was quite unfortunate that, to me, it was a fear of being politically incorrect to not—I’m gonna use the word—profile this guy.  Profile in the sense of finding out what his radical beliefs were.  Simple things like looking at his business card that had the secret code word for who it was that he actually—

Hannity: How about contacting Al Qaeda?

Palin: —well, that too—

Hannity: —trying to contact Al Qaeda.

Palin: Now, because I use the word “profile,” I’m gonna get clobbered tomorrow morning.  The liberals, their heads are just gonna be spinning.  They’re gonna say, “She is radical.  She is extreme.”  But I say profiling, in the context of doing whatever we can to save innocent American lives, I’m all for it then.


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One Response to Palin is “all for” racially profiling Muslims

  1. bb says:

    Way to go Gov. Palin!!!
    Its about time someone just come out and say it. Nobody is for racist inappropriate stereotyping, but there was ample evidence to flag that murderer using profiling and we didnt. as a result people died. its good that its more important to protect the terrorists from “racism” than it is to protect other citizens from death.
    RIGHT ON!!

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