Reason #2 I love Rufus Wainwright*

He is super super nice and patient with his fans, even though it was freaking cold outside and I said creepy shit like, “This is my 7th time seeing you!”  (He just laughed.)  I totally forgot to ask him when his opera was premiering in North America because I am socially awkward under normal conditions, much less while Rufus Wainwright has his arm around me:

*does happy dance*

I also was able to snatch the setlist, and he autographed it for me:

Not on the setlist: he surprise-premiered a song off his next album (which he says he just finished writing 5 days ago and thinks maybe it’ll be out in March).  Actually, he played 4 songs off the upcoming album and ended with Zebulon and the aria from his opera!  Swoon.

Good times.

And fine…now that I’m back, I’ll stop with the Rufus addiction and return to my regularly scheduled feminism/texicanism.  Probably.

*Reason #1 is the music, duh.


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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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3 Responses to Reason #2 I love Rufus Wainwright*

  1. slb says:

    “you look cute, mrs. carmichael.” (it’s from Crooklyn. don’t ask. lol i just find it totally humorous every time i watch that flick. so random. lol)

    no, but for real. y’all look cute. lol

    i would’ve liked to hear Cigs and Choc. and i HEART peach trees. i haven’t heard that in a minute.

  2. Melissa says:

    I know. I got sooo excited when he started singing Peach Trees. I think I’ve only heard him sing it live one other time. I almost blurted out “Thank you for singing Peach Trees!” when he was signing the setlist. lol

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