Monday Mix: Rufus Wainwright Edition

I’m in Austin right now because I’ll be seeing Rufus Wainwright for the seventh time tomorrow night—5th row!—at the Paramount.  Yup, I love me some Rufus.  One of my cats is named after him (you can read why here), and I finally got to meet/take a picture with him this March after the Blackout Sabbath show.

He performs pretty frequently on the east coast, which made seeing him live fairly easy.  But now that I’m back in Texas, my Rufus concertgoing days are gonna be relegated to a slow trickle (as are my PJ Harvey and Of Montreal shows…sigh).  So yeah, don’t judge me if I end up buying a ticket for tonight’s show as well!

As an aside, when I was teaching at the college level, I used “Memphis Skyline” as my example for the song analysis/symbolism project I assigned, and 95% of my students hated me for that (But come on.  The Jeff Buckley tragedy as told through the mythology of Orpheus?  It’s freaking brilliant).


And finally, “Gay Messiah,” the last encore song at the Radio City show:


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