Weekend Link Love

Joe. My. God.: About That Renegade Republican….

La Frontera Times: Another Immigrant Dies In ICE Detention From Poor Medical Care

Flip Flopping Joy: Treating: Communities vs. Individuals

Bitch: Apply for the Bitch Youth Leadership Council (Deadline Dec. 1)

NY Mag: Another kind of AIDS crisis

Jezebel: The Problem with Fashion’s Obsession with Death

Slate: What ever happened to the Amazon rainforest? Did we save it?

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: The Story of the Brown Box

Elizabeth: Putting the “I” in “Bisexual”

Latina Lista: Child welfare workers too quick to remove Latino children from families

My Pretty Pennies: What is it about money that’s so taboo?

Zero at the Bone: Peeling the sticky tape away from sex ed

Stuff white people do: Whiten their names

Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS): The Gonifs Win

Womanist Musings: We teach our children homophobia

Colorlines presents: Torn Apart By Deportation

Feel free to leave your links in the comments!


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