The Dems who voted for the Stupak amendment

Okay, here’s the list of the 64 people who should never be voted for again.  Their hands are all over my uterus.  That pisses me off.

Update: The names with an asterisk voted for the Stupak amendment and against the health care bill.

  1. Altmire (PA-04)
  2. Baca (CA-43)
  3. Barrow (GA-12)*
  4. Berry (AR-01)
  5. Bishop (GA-02)
  6. Boccieri (OH-16)*
  7. Boren (OK-02)*
  8. Bright (AL-02)
  9. Cardoza (CA-18)
  10. Carney (PA-10)
  11. Chandler (KY-06)*
  12. Childers (MS-01)*
  13. Cooper (TN-05)
  14. Costa (CA-20)
  15. Costello (IL-12)
  16. Cuellar (TX-28)
  17. Dahlkemper (PA-03)
  18. Davis (AL-07)*
  19. Davis (TN-04)*
  20. Donnelly (IN-02)
  21. Doyle (PA-14)
  22. Driehaus (OH-01)
  23. Ellsworth (IN-08)
  24. Etheridge (NC-02)
  25. Gordon (TN-06)*
  26. Griffith (AL-05)*
  27. Hill (IN-09)
  28. Holden (PA-17)
  29. Kanjorski (PA – 11)
  30. Kaptur (OH-09)
  31. Kildee (MI-05)
  32. Langevin (RI-02)
  33. Lipinski (IL-03)
  34. Lynch (MA-09)
  35. Marshall (GA-08)*
  36. Matheson (UT-02)*
  37. McIntyre (NC-07)*
  38. Melancon (LA-03)*
  39. Michaud (ME-02)
  40. Mollohan (WV-01)
  41. Murtha (PA-12)
  42. Neal (MA-02)
  43. Oberstar (MN-08)
  44. Obey (WI-07)
  45. Ortiz (TX-27)
  46. Perriello (VA-05)
  47. Peterson (MN-07)*
  48. Pomeroy (ND)
  49. Rahall (WV-03)
  50. Reyes (TX-16)
  51. Rodriguez (TX-23)
  52. Ross (AR-04)
  53. Ryan (OH-17)
  54. Salazar (CO-03)
  55. Shuler (NC-11)*
  56. Skelton (MO-04)*
  57. Snyder (AR-02)
  58. Space (OH-18)
  59. Spratt (SC-05)
  60. Stupak (MI-01)
  61. Tanner (TN-08)*
  62. Taylor (MS-04)*
  63. Teague (NM-02)*
  64. Wilson (OH-06)

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7 Responses to The Dems who voted for the Stupak amendment

  1. asferdinand says:

    Thanks for this. I was appalled to see my rep on the list, and have sent him a letter telling him just what I think of his vote.

  2. m.e. says:

    Thank you for this! Next time any of these people run for office, and I get a letter from some Democratic organization asking me to contribute for them, it’s going in the trash asap. I mean, it’s laughable, but my contributions fall in the widow’s mite category, but I’ve willingly contributed to the Democratic candidates who asked. No more. Well, let’s see…can’t contribute to Republicans…check. Have to be careful about contributing to Democratic candidates…check. Who’s left? Ralph Nader??

  3. Ed Kelly says:

    Why should I pay for your abortion? Do you want me to pay for your face lift too?

    moderator’s note – you’re being an ass, but i’ll humor you anyway:

    1) you’re comparing apples and oranges. one is elective cosmetic surgery, the other is not.
    2) you’re not paying for shit.
    3) this eliminates private insurance coverage of abortion, even if women are paying premium prices for their coverage.

    got it?

  4. Hands off MY Body...Kill MY baby NOW. says:

    Talk about “hands all over your uterus”…Get ready for the groping and probing that will go on after government health care is in play. If those that support abortion think that this is over with the passage of Obama care they are mistaken. Everything about health care will now become an election and partisan issue. Get the government out of my life so that I can make the choices I want for MY body!

  5. Melissa says:

    *eyeroll* You do realize that medicare and medicaid are forms of government-sponsored health care, right? And that the government is already in your life in the form of social security, police departments, fire departments, and schools?

  6. Hands off MY Body...Kill MY baby NOW. says:

    Exactly! Medicare and Medicaid are forms of government sponsored health care. Both are bankrupt. Social Security…another bankrupt government intrusion. Regardless, Medicare and Medicaid currently operate within the free market. Police departments, fire departments and schools…all are controlled close to the people, at the state or local level. Where these should be controlled. Not at the federal level.

    LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. All of these fundamental values are being turned over to politicians that have removed themselves from reality. Health care, so closely tied to LIFE, why would I trust the government in such an intimate and personal area. What do you think is going to happen to abortion coverage if the Republicans get into control? The republicans talk about “Death Panels”, but the exact same thing could happen to abortion if they are in charge of the details. All of these issues suddenly become political issues. Can you imagine presidential debates when politicians now have to discuss how much should be covered by the government. These will all of a sudden become debatable issues rather than issues between your doctor and your self.

    Why are some of the ideas that have been presented not being tried first before going this route. Why not try to extend Medicare and Medicaid to cover the uninsured. Why not try to remove some of the anti-competitive rules that have prohibited insurance companies from competing across state lines. Why not look for ways to control costs through tort reform. So much can be tried before plunging the American people into this sort of spend.

    “The government is already in your life?” Am I hearing that right? I don’t want the government in my life! Please! Doing just fine thanks.

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