Wednesday Link Love

Anna: The Female Blogger Deficit: Are We Too Nice, Or Not Nice Enough?

Tami: Dispatches from Nappyville: Hair hatred needn’t be a black girl’s right of passage

Telegraph: The secret behind Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile

Mary Ann: Education Week: Immigrant Children Not on Obama Admin Agenda

Vulture: Nona Willis Aronowitz on Writing About Feminism, Her Mother Ellen Willis, and Catcalling

Kate: Will Anti-Fat Hate Crimes Make People Take Sizeism Seriously?

Nezua: THE CRIME: Sleeping While Chinese

Violet: Exciting new growth sector in feminism: bashing women

Joe: Is Insistence on English and Punishing Spanish About Maintaining Racial Power?

Prof Susurro: Black Face is Never OK – Memo to “Miss Tyra”

Naked Feminist: I Put My Ring on My Left Hand

Pilgrim Soul: On Polanski and Other Gods and Monsters

Amanda: ABC News Story on Showing Boobs Won’t Show Boobs

Vegan MoFo Headquarters: Soup, Stew, and Chili Roundup for 10/30

Julian: What do you call twenty men and boys gathered around a young woman being raped? [trigger warning]

Anushay: Climate Change Hits Women Harder, So Where Are the Feminist Voices?

SociologicalMe: Allies Asking Questions

What happens to birds when they eat plastic:


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