Weekend Link Love

Yeahhhhh…I seem to add a new blog to my reader every other day, so my Weekend Link Loves are getting hella long.  I’m gonna start doing this twice a week, m’kay?  So tune in Wednesday for the second half.

herlifewithboobs: Thinking about “toplessness”

qmccall3: Is there a “feminist responsibility” to support women’s sports?

Lisa: Disney Princesses, Deconstructed

Kjerstin: Adventures in Feministory: Lois Jenson and sexual harassment

Lissa: An Eating Disorder—10 Years Later

Shamus: Obama’s Dirty War on Immigrants

Becky: Who You Calling A Slut?

Feminist Peace Network: Susan G. S. McGee: Why Does She Stay Is The Wrong Question

Briar: Grandmothers of electronic music, Part 1: Delia Derbyshire

stuff white people do: point out they’ve never owned slaves

Femonade: Sorry, Men and Fun-Fems: All Porn Is Rape, All the Time (Or, If You Are Watching Porn, You Are Watching Rape)

Jemima: Feminism: Explained for Ladybrains

Lauren: If Harry Potter Was Made in the 1980s, and Starred David Bowie

Melissa: New Research: Women Fare Better in the Indie World

MattBastard: Won’t Somebody Puhlease Think About The “Good White People”?!

flip flopping joy: opting out of masculinity through rape

Sex With Ducks, “a response to when Pat Robertson said, ‘You’ve got somebody who is really weird and his sexual orientation is he likes to have sex with ducks. Is he protected under hate crimes?’ when talking about evil gays having rights”. via Avivapress:


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3 Responses to Weekend Link Love

  1. excuse me but i find it hard to read in this layout :s

  2. Melissa says:

    can you be more specific?

    if you’re talking about the snapshot thing that pops up when you hover over a link, i turned that off. i keep turning it off because i think it’s too distracting, but for some reason it keeps coming back.

  3. matttbastard says:

    Thanks for the link lurve!

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