Weekend Link Love

I Blame the Mother: Learning to be a mother not possible for the learning-disabled

Feministing: Notes from a bitch…reading is fundamental…

Flip Flopping Joy: being hungry: the places that scare you

Racialicious: NPR sort of hates “black music”

Evil Slutopia: Think before you pink this October

Shakesville: Seven Scenes, for a Reason

US News: Sally Ride: Astronaut urges girls to pursue science

Tex[t]-Mex: The fruit of Lou Dobb’s hate-filled spleen: Mario Vera

Rage Against the Man-chine: Too drunk to drive? Then you’re too drunk to deserve pity for having been raped, you dumb whore.

China Hush: Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China

FWD/Forward: Ableist Word Profile: Intelligence

New America Media: A stranger in his homeland

Womanist Musings: Spike Lee speaks the truth on Tyler Perry

Feministing: Want insurance? Get sterilized.

nurgetts72: I am not listening.

Upside-Down Adoption: Sex and Scoliosis

Latina Lista: One mother’s crusade to increase blood donations among Latinos

Feminists for Choice: Ask 20 feminists their opinion and get 20 different answers

stuff white people do: enjoy racially segregated bars and restaurants

I Blame the Mother: Even the internet blames the mother

Film Studies for Free: Concordia cinema studies resources freely available online

Cracked: The 5 most unintentionally racist movies about racism

Hate: There’s a Rep. for That


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