Chivalry sucks.

I just went out to get some pizza.

As I was walking into Little Caesar’s, this man was walking out the door with his box of pizza.  I got to the door about a second before he did and held it open for him.  He said, “No, that’s okay,” and tried to go out the other door.  It was locked.  I continued to hold door open, but he refused to go through because, “ladies first.”  So he steps back into an extra awkward position (since he had to get his pizza box out of my way and hold the door open from the inside) so that I could get inside.

This all happened within about 7 seconds, and I’m sure the man thought he was doing right by me, but arghhhhhhhh, I hate chivalry!

I really don’t mind if a person (man or woman) is coming out the door and holds it open a second longer so that I can walk in.  I also don’t mind if a person takes  extra care to help someone who might have trouble opening the door (people carrying a bunch of stuff, pushing strollers, using a walker, etc).

But if you have to contort yourself into strange positions while holding unweildly objects, of if you have to run to the door to get there before I do, or if you flat out refuse to walk through the door no matter how long I stand there holding it just because I have a vagina, then you suck.


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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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3 Responses to Chivalry sucks.

  1. 100% agreement. Or, when I get onto a crowded bus and a guy relentlessly offers me his seat when I’m showing NO sign of fatigue or burden. Just because I have a vagina.

  2. savannah says:

    fuck chivalry

  3. Chiv says:

    You are what’s wrong with modern, western, society.

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