Sometimes I really hate the world.

When Sara Kruzan was 13, she met a man who would soon force her into prostitution.  At 16, after three years as a child sex worker, she ended up murdering this man (her pimp).  The judge decided that because of her crime and lack of “moral scruples,” she needed to be sentenced as an adult.  He sentenced Sara to life in prison plus four years.

Apparently, in this country, it is okay to sentence a child sex trafficking victim to life in prison for murdering the man who groomed and forced her into sex slavery.  ON WHAT PLANET IS THIS OKAY??

Sara has now spent practically half her life in prison (or more, if you count her years of child prostitution).

According to Gems Girls (via The Council of Daughters), you can write to Sara here:

Sara Kruzan
Central California Women’s Facility
P. O. Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610


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