Afro-Mexican Film Festival

If you’re in DC tomorrow or Saturday, be sure to check out the Afro-Mexican Film Festival at the Museum of African Art.

Director Rafael Rebollar Corona screens and discusses his films on the Afro-Mexican presence. This program is co-sponsored by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. Space is limited; please call for reservations at 202.633.4640.

Lecture Hall
National Museum of African Art
950 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC

Friday, October 23
7:00 PM

La Raiz Olvidada/The Forgotten Root

La Raiz Olvidada is about the “forgotten root” of the Africans who were brought to Mexico as slaves or who escaped from slavery in the U.S. This film illuminates the African legacy in the regions of Veracruz in the east and the Costa Chica region of Guerrero and Oaxaca in the west. In Spanish with English subtitles. (Mexico, 2001, 50 min.)

Saturday, October 24
1:00 PM
La Tercera Raiz/ The Third Root

In La Tercera Raiz/ The Third Root, director Rafael Rebollar Corona’s documentary focuses on the daily life and cultural traditions of Afro-Mestizos living in the Costa Chica region of Mexico’s Pacific coast. In Spanish with English subtitles. (Mexico, 2001, 30 min.)



Africanias, a film directed by Rafael Rebollar Corona, provides insights into traditional Mexican festivals and dances that are inspired by African beliefs and aesthetics, first brought to the country by the enslaved. (Mexico, 2007, 30 min.)


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2 Responses to Afro-Mexican Film Festival

  1. slb says:

    i would love love love to see this. this is why we need to move to dc, preferably to adams morgan–where all the good international cuisine is.

  2. Melissa says:

    duuuuude. adams morgan has the best ethiopian food ever.

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