Dear Senator Cornyn

Yesterday I posted the votes on the 2010 Franken Senate Defense Appropriations Amendment, which was created by Senator Al Franken largely in response to the legal issues Jamie Leigh Jones [trigger warning] faces after being gang raped by 7 employees at KBR.

Unsurprisingly, one of my senators was among the 30 older, white, Republican males to vote against the amendment.  Here’s what I emailed him:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I am a constituent and I am writing to express my disappointment over your vote on the 2010 Franken Senate Defense Appropriations Amendment.  It speaks volumes about your opinion of rape victims when you vote in support of companies who will fire victims of rape if they try to speak out about their assault.

You do not have my vote in the upcoming election.  I do not want a senator who is willing to give my tax dollars to companies who are more than happy to cover the tracks of rapists at the expense of the victim.



You can find the contact information for all 30 senators who voted against the amendment at Republicans for Rape. [h/t to FairAndFeminist]


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