Weekend Link Love

G.D.: More Supermarkets, Please

Sady: Madonna Is Your Dorm Room Poster, And Further Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

Michelle: Pete Campbell is a Rapist

Renee: #Nestlefamily, Bloggers & Race: Why It Matters

Flip Flopping Joy: stumbling through power

Monica: UMass Amherst Student Facing 30 Years For Defending Himself Against Hate Attack

Chally: Nowhere near good enough

Latina Lista: Over three thousand undocumented military veterans battling deportation orders

TheDeviantE: Some Simple Steps to Being Trans* Inclusive: Part I (Understand Cis* Privilege)

PhDork: He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and Gosh Darn it, People Like Him.

Melissa: Rape Culture 101

Marc: My experience with a Crisis Pregnancy Center

meganaut524: going to the doctor sucks, especially when you’re a fat woman

stuff white people do: fail to see how race and gender intersect

FWD/Forward: Feminists With Disabilities Love Their Bodies

Latina Lista: One failure of Hispanic Heritage Month

New America Media: The Secret World of Deaf Prisoners

Washington Post: Racial Doubts At Va. College Homecoming

Jay Smooth on Roman Polanski:


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