Feminists are responsible for Zac Efron

Hello again, world.  I’ve been MIA because of the evil, evil flu I came down with last week.  I was pretty much passed out/dazed for 3 days, then kind of loopy and headachey for another two.  Now I’m just headachey.  Oh, also?  In the midst of those 3 fever-filled days, I had to go to an orientation for my new part-time job, plus I had a job interview for a real job (that I completely bombed in my medicated stupor, might I add. *headdesk*).  Twas not fun.

Anyway.  You know what was fun?  Coming across this blog post as I was playing catch up and weeding through the thousand unread articles in my Google Reader a couple days ago.

Yup.  I have one conservative, anti-feminist blog subscription in my Reader.  It’s kind of a perverse guilty pleasure.  When they’re not posting a million pictures of how great their tea parties are (apparently, feminists don’t drink tea?), or being flat out offensive (as in “look at this great racist/homophobic/sexist new article Michelle Malkin wrote!” or “feminists want everyone to be sluts!”), they are mildly amusing.  Case in point: “Feminists today refuse to let men be men and the result: Zac Efron.

Jessica comes to this conclusion after reading an article that suggests the Pill might have changed women’s taste in men over the last few decades.  Big, strong, “manly” men like Kirk Douglas and Sean Connery were the flavors du jour 40-50 years ago, whereas sex symbols now are much more boyish.  I call bullshit on the article’s “boyish” examples, though.  Hugh Jackman?  Wolverine ain’t boyish.  But whatever.  That whole article reads like a big pile of Ridiculous to begin with.

Jessica, however, takes it beyond The Pill and places the blame on—you guessed it—Teh Feministz:

But could the driving force behind what women consider “attractive” have less to do with the Pill and more to do with what the Pill represents? Women have taken control of their bodies and often subjugated men along the way. Feminists who refuse to see men as the “greater sex” impose their desired image of the “weak man” on the unsuspecting boy next door. While the Pill may alter the chemicals of women’s bodies, the real changes have come from women themselves. Feminists today refuse to let men be men and the result: Zac Efron. [emphasis added]

Now, I could take the time to point out all the things wrong with this statement (the first being that it’s completely heterosexist and that those mythical creatures called lesbians, like, actually exist?).  But instead, I would just like to say BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!  I can see it now.  High School Musical 4: Revenge of the Feminists!


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One Response to Feminists are responsible for Zac Efron

  1. Prevalence of pill usage clearly leads to fascination with what that post calls the “baby face.” I can prove it. Paul McCartney was totally the least popular Beatle (you know, that band that was all popular and stuff before the BC pill came into common usage). Everybody preferred the manly, craggy face of Ringo Starr.

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