Lots (and lots) of link love: Part 2

Reconcile: Why I’m Fat

No Border Wall: Border War Rhetoric Has Real Consequences for the Borderlands

Jezebel: Precious actress still trying to convince people it’s just acting

Racialicious: Your Joke Is Not My Joke: Racism and Sexism in Jokes and Satire

What Tami Said: Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be “the bigger persons”

Zero at the Bone: The Fifth Carnival of Feminists

Daily Kos: Rick Perry Hides His Own Culpability

Feminist Peace Network: The Gender-Specific Impact of Climate Change

Muslimah Media Watch: Big Love: Apprpriating Feminism in Advocating Polygamy

Shakesville: The Bargain, and Its Alternative

The Sexist: Inside the Virginity-Faking Condom

Postbourgie: Cultural Purgatory, part 2

O Filthy Grandeur: Cute Overload FAIL

South Texas Chisme: You can get gay divorced (but not gay married) in Texas

I Blame the Patriarchy: The comfortable feminist

Hoyden About Town: Que(e)rying Sex Ed

Flip Flopping Joy: I feel tricked…

Fusion Parenting: I Am Evil

Daily Kos: America’s Best Idea. Now We Have to Keep It


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