Lots (and lots) of link love

Yeah, so…I kind of forgot to do the link love thing last week?  As a result, my link love listing is hella long, so I’ll post the other half tomorrow.

The Nation: A Brief History of American Racism

Sociological Images: Minorities: Be Grateful for the Majority Giving You Rights

Flip Flopping Joy: Violence and Meaning

Feministe: This Is Where White Guilt Comes From

Jezebel: Don’t You Just Love Your [Insert Ethnicity] Nanny?

Bitch PhD: Hot/Hate for Teacher

Feministing: Young woman rejects HPV vaccine and loses path to citizenship

Feministe: Hey Baby

Zero at the Bone: Next on the list of things that really annoy me

Racialicious: Minor Offenses: The Tragedy of Youth in Adult Prisons

stuff white people do: fail to see how colonialism still poisons their conceptions of africans

The Curvature: Rape Apologism and the Response to Mackenzie Phillips

Social Science Lite: The Reverse of Discrimination is “Not Discrimination”

Penelope Trunk: You Can’t Manage Your Work Life if You Can’t Talk About It

Sexgenderbody: Most Indian Live Donors are Wives and Mothers

Flip Flopping Joy: (re)thinking walking: righteous uncomfortability


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One Response to Lots (and lots) of link love

  1. Chally says:

    Thank you for the link. 🙂

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