Give a senior kitty a hand?

Reposting this from the YHS website; they are pretty desperate for some medical funds.  Full disclosure: this was my cat’s “cellmate” at the shelter for at least a good six months (yeah, they were both there a really long time).  Sammy really is a sweet little old man kitty, and the couple he’s now living with could definitely use a grant from the YHS to help with the medical costs.

Donate to Sammy’s Fund

Sammy is a sweet 14-year-old cat who came to the Yonkers Animal Shelter after his previous owner passed away. Not only did he lose his owner, but the other cat he came in with also passed away shortly after arriving at the shelter. He was at Petsmart for several months after that, so suffice it to say Sammy’s had a very rough year! He is now living with a Yonkers Humane Society volunteer, but he requires significant medical care. Sammy has a thyroid condition and will require medication for the rest of his life. Recently, all of his teeth had to be pulled out due to peridontal disease. He is also being checked for other possible health issues, and is receiving the best of care. Through it all, Sammy has remained an absolute sweetheart; he’s been a volunteer favorite since Day 1!

(FYI, they’re also collecting donations for two other pets: Barney, a 2 year old dog in a wheelchair; and Billy, a young cat with hairline fracture—I knew him, too…total goofball.  You can learn about them on the YHS website.)


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