Search engine term fun

It’s always…uh, interesting…to see what search engine terms bring people to this blog.  A while back, there was an inexplicable sudden absence of people coming by looking for fat/old naked women.  After a year of having that as my #1 search term, I’ll admit that not seeing that was kind of jarring (albeit rather pleasant).  But of course, that only lasted about a week.  These are the top 10 search terms of all time that bring people here (although Beck seems to be #1 this quarter):

  1. fat people
  2. naked old women
  3. women naked
  4. savages
  5. fat naked women
  6. yolanda lopez
  7. dove women
  8. old naked women
  9. old women naked
  10. naked fat women

Charming, no?  Of course, people have stopped by using terms that are far worse, but I totally dig it when people find me by typing in phrases from King of the Hill, like “Let go of my purse,” or just random stuff like, “bullshit.”  Simple, direct.

What are y’alls #1 search engine terms?


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3 Responses to Search engine term fun

  1. Repat says:

    My #1 is “nubile female” or sometimes “young nubiles” and “naked nubile”. I didn’t think anyone used the word anymore. Charming, yes?

    Though lately “cymbalta and pregnancy” is giving nubile a good run.

  2. My most common search terms have to do with tattoos, such as:

    white tattoos on black people
    black people tattoos
    dennis rodman tattoo

    My favorite, though, is the number of hits for this one:

    “17 can actually go into 56 way more than”

    IJ readers will know what that one is!

  3. Melissa says:

    lol! the fact that people search for that is kind of awesome.

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