Horse-drawn carriage accident in Central Park today

They need to ban this industry already.  I hope the horse and taxi driver are okay.

UPDATE: Okay, I don’t know how accurate this is since it’s coming from the “esteemed” NY Post, but apparently the cab driver suffered a seizure, jumped the curb, and plowed into the carriage.  Fortunately, all parties—carriage driver included—are okay and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

And I repeat: carriage horses do not belong on streets congested with 21st century transportation. It’s not romantic, it’s not quaint and charming, it’s dangerous.


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2 Responses to Horse-drawn carriage accident in Central Park today

  1. Erez says:

    correction, the carriage driver is not at all OK, and will not be out of teh hospital for quite some time.

  2. Jim Hartman says:

    Actually, carriage rides are romantic, quaint and charming. Just because someone crashed into the carriage (as they do stores, crosswalks, walls, or anything else that can be crashed into) doesn’t mean the target of the crash is dangerous. I am sorry for the victim of the accident – but I also can’t condone the arbitrary condemnation of an activity that is quite safe and by using 21st century transportation actually more safe than 20th century transportation. Carriage rides – live on!

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