Weekend Link Love

The Pursuit of Harpyness: Don’t Lie About Your Age: A Rant

The Sanctuary: “Send ’em back with a bullet in the head the second time.”

Feministe: Early Nashville Women’s History

LA Times: The racism of marijuana prohibition

Muslimah Media Watch: Erasing the Dichotomy: Positive Portrayals of Latina Muslims

Jezebel: How do hundreds of rapes just “come to light?”

Hoyden About Town: Monsters vs Aliens—Feminist Win, Feminist Fail?

Feministing: When nudity is progressive — and when it’s not

Flip Flopping Joy: The Value of Not Speaking…

Womanist Musings: What would we do without white privilege?

Feminist Finance: What If I’d Taken All The Bad Money Advice I’ve Been Given By Dudes?

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The F Word: Feminism and the Vampire Novel

Sepia Mutiny: Border Patrol Hassles the Well Rested

TransGriot: I Repeat, It’s My America, Too

Like a Whisper: Of Dorks, Feminists, and Action Figures

Feministe: Can You Re-segregate an Already Segregated School System?

The Sexist: Sexist Beatdown: Racist Babies Edition

Immigration Impact: Immigrants with Mental Disabilities Are Deprived Their Day in Court

Latina Lista: President Obama’s usage of the term “illegal immigrants” is more than just semantics

Jezebel: Comic Confrontations: Judge Judy vs. Joe Wilson

Transitionland: Perception Problems in Africa and Afghanistan


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  1. Thanks for the TransGriot link love

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