Yay! It has arrived!

I’ve been wanting this book since forever.  I’ve interlibrary loaned it twice this year, but I’ve always wanted my own copy so that I can just peruse whenever I feel like it.  It’s an awesome book.

Anyway, my grandma died a few months ago and never got to use the $50 Barnes & Noble gift card my dad gave her for her birthday.  My aunt returned the card to my dad, who in turn gave it to me.  I’ve been sitting on it for over a month now, because I didn’t want to blow it on just anything, you know?  The purchases had to be special.

Ultimately, I spent it on this book, a book of Edgar Allan Poe’s letters/memorabilia that my sister’s really been wanting, and the latest issue of Bitch.  Not bad, eh?


About Melissa

I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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