Weekend Link Love

The New Yorker: Trial by Fire: Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

Vegans of Color: For as long as my skin is Black I will be a devoted anti-speciesist

What Tami Said: Exploring My Privilege

Devilstower, Daily Kos: Five Biggest Lies — brought to you by the GOP

The Pursuit of Harpyness: “Humanist” is not a substitute for “feminist.”

Tejaztlán Notebook: Fear: It’s What’s Behind Door #2 – 21st Century Indian Removal

Jezebel: “Just Because I Was Female, They Wouldn’t Let Me Parachute…I Still Feel Cross.”

Flip Flopping Joy: Outside

stuff white people do: wonder how to define racism

o filthy grandeur: Only pretty women should be married in a jealous rage, apparently

Muslimah Media Watch: Mad Magazine: Marie Claire’s Bias Against Muslim Women

Jed Lewison, Daily Kos: Here’s why the “oligarhy” crowd can’t spell

The Pursuit of Harpyness: You Don’t Need to be a Woman to Study (Women’s) History

The Sexist: This Week In Sexist History: I Killed Your Boyfriend Because You’re A Ho Edition

Feministe: Some thoughts on class and food

Shakesville: Feminism 101: “Sexism is a matter of opinion.”

Jezebel: “But…I’m Too Shy To Network!”

Ramara, Daily Kos: Labor Day History: A Remembrance

PostBourgie: for colored girls who have considered suicide/when tyler perry is enuf


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