Wednesday Link Roundup

Multiculticlassics: Flygirls receive congressional gold medals

The Sanctuary: The case for a strong and vibrant pro migrant blogosphere

Salon: CliffsNotes to a food revolution

Salon: The return of the welfare queen

NY Times: Inquiry about runner angers South Africans

Latino USA: A Troubled Sanctuary

Womanist Musings: Eudy Simelane: Corrective Rape, Corrective Death

Sepia Mutiny: Sri Lanka: Journalist Gets 20 Years Hard Labor

The Sexist: Who Botched the Gender Identity of a D.C. Homicide Victim?

South Texas Chisme: Houston’s #1 for early teen mothers.  Dallas wins for repeat births.

TIME: Gender and Athletics: India’s Own Caster Semenya

Jezebel: 1 In 3 British Girls Has Suffered Sexual Abuse In A Relationship

This Recording: A Short History of the Cookie


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I love donuts. Chocolate iced, hold the sprinkles.
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