What to ask?

Much to my excitement, there’s gonna be another town hall circus meeting on health care in my area this Thursday.  There was one a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t know about it until after the fact.  Though it was fairly tame compared to some other town halls across the nation, it definitely had its share of stupid.  Also, in an area where 9 out of 10 people are Texican or Mexican or some type of brown, that town hall was swarmed by white people.

I need to submit a question when I try to reserve my spot for this Thursday’s meeting, but I have no idea what to ask, since my sole motive is to watch the circus and then snark mercilessly afterward.  Because seriously?  These things are useless; most of the people in attendance don’t give a shit about anything but shouting the loudest.

Anyway, what should I ask?  Perhaps I should ask the congressmen if they believe universal health care is a privilege or a right?  Should I ask something else?

In other news: I was driving near the McAllen Convention Center the other day; someone had put up one of those Obama-is-a-scary-socialist-Joker photos.  I didn’t catch the caption underneath, but shit.  People are actually posting those up around here??  People are wack.


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