89 years ago today…

…women got the right to vote when the 19th Amendment went into effect.

Here are some suffragettes on “College Day” picketing the White House three years before the 19th Amendment was ratified.  Photographer unknown.

Beginning in January 1917, suffragists began picketing the White House, something that had never been done before. Through cold and snow, rain and wind, each day the suffragettes would show up. As Carrie Chapman Catt had organized her workers around themes, so would Alice Paul. Special days for picketers from different states, a college day, a teacher’s day — even Susan Anthony’s birthday — kept the movement going.

When Congress declared war on Germany in April 1917, the pickets continued despite threats of arrest, for the suffragettes had been going strong for almost six months. Not even arrest and jail could stop them. Conditions in the workhouse where they were sent were appalling and the superintendent was belligerent toward them. After large play in newspapers nationwide, protests of their treatment came from around the country, so much so, that those who had been against suffragists previously began supporting their cause. It even became fashionable to picket for suffrage and then serve time in jail. [source]


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  1. babykittyonadiet says:

    HBO made a magnificent movie on the suffragists. It was called Iron Jawed Angels. I highly recommend it to everyone! It’s on Netflix, if you have a Netflix account, btw.

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