Another Massive Link Roundup

City Room: Queen Supermarkets Charged with Sex Discrimination

The Angry Black Woman: Obama=Hitler? Your Logic is not Earth Logic

The Sanctuary: A Long Look in the Mirror

As [the unidentified Latino man] approached the intersection of Division and West Avenues, three white teens hanging out in a nearby parking lot called out to him. Seconds later he was struck in the face, knocked to the ground, and as the teens shouted racial slurs, robbed of cash and other personal items.  …. Just another case of “beaner hopping” in Long Island’s Suffolk County.

NY Times: Texas judge goes to trial over execution

SAN ANTONIO — The highest-ranking criminal judge in Texas, the woman who presides over the most active execution chamber in the country, sat at a defense table on Monday to face charges of intentionally denying a condemned man access to the legal system.

Latin American Herald Tribune: Mexican Farmers Find Novel Way to Exploit Workers

South Texas Chisme: Devastating Effects from that D*mn Fence

The Sanctuary: My Name Is Herta and I Am About to be Deported

NY Times: Mentally Ill Offenders Strain Juvenile System

Newsweek: The Abortion Evangelist

LeRoy Carhart is determined to train as many late-term-abortion providers as possible—or the practice just might die with him.

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The Guardian: America’s colour-coded terror alert

Shah Rukh Khan, the immensely popular Bollywood actor, found himself subjected to detention and “routine inspection” at a New Jersey airport this week despite being, we’re told, a “very welcome guest” in the US.

After initially complaining of his “anger” and “humiliation” over the 70-minute detention, Khan downplayed the incident by labelling his “routine security measure” an “unfortunate procedure”.

NY Times: Disabled Students Are Spanked More

Womanist Musings: When Sexism Really Hits Home

ImmigrationProf Blog: Latino discontent with DHS and Obama delay

This is what Barack Obama promised Latinos and immigrants:  “What I can guarantee is that, during my first year [in the White House] we will have an immigration reform bill.”  The question now is whether or not Obama will keep that promise (made during an interview with Univision on May 28, 2008).

That first year in the White House comes to an end on the 20th of January, 2010.  But everything seems to indicate that the legalization of 12 million undocumented will take longer.  During his recent visit to Guadalajara, Mexico, Obama said that he still had many issues pending in Congress—the economic crisis, a new health care system, energy reform—and that, as a result, immigration reform would have to wait until 2010.

City Room: A Library’s Approach to Books that Offend

Feministing: Oklahoma Ultrasound Law Overturned!

Houston Chronicle: Latinos in history add to social studies debate

Hispanic children “want to see some brown faces and in Texas there are a lot of people with Hispanic surnames who are a part of Texas history. So that’s easy to come by,” said State Board of Education member Patricia Hardy, R-Fort Worth, who has 30 years’ experience as a world history and geography teacher and five years experience as director of the social studies curriculum for the Weatherford Independent School District.

“But you cannot distort Texas history. You cannot give people an elevated place in history when their place was not elevated,” she added.

Austin American-Statesman: Federal judge upholds UT’s consideration of race in admissions

The consideration of race and ethnicity in deciding whom to admit to the University of Texas passes constitutional muster, a federal judge in Austin ruled Monday. Indeed, it would be difficult to craft an admissions policy that more closely resembles that of the University of Michigan’s law school, whose policy was approved in 2003 by the U.S. Supreme Court, District Judge Sam Sparks wrote in an order dismissing a lawsuit filed by two white students whose applications to UT were rejected.

Racialicious: Resist Racism on Mistaken Identity

If people can make excuses for why you were mistaken for somebody else, they can refuse to see racism. I’ve worn the jacket. I’ve worn the suit. I’ve carried the briefcase. And I’ve still had white people try to hand me their dirty dishes in a restaurant. I waited over an hour for a job interview because nobody thought I could possibly be the candidate. And if you read this thread, you’ll see that this is a common experience for people of color.

Time: Damon Weaver finally gets his Obama interview!


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