Massive Link Roundup

(Required Reading) Esquire: The Last Abortion Doctor

Salon: Don’t You Forget About John Hughes

Racewire: Latino Grandfather, Pregnant Woman Tasered at Baptism–But Don’t Call the Cops Racist

Tasered While Black – Two White Police Officers Who Fatally Shot Unarmed 73-year-old Black Man in Louisiana Have Resigned

Women’s eNews: Pushed to return to Rwanda, women farmers uprooted

Tiger Beatdown: Mommy’s All Right, Daddy’s All Right: Or, Why “Hipster Racism” Was Invented By Your Drunk Grandpa

Muslimah Media Watch: It’s Barbie’s World

The Republic of Dogs: There’s No Politics Like Texas Politics

Watch the Modest Mouse animated music video for “King Rat” that Heath Ledger conceived and started directing before he passed away.

Salon: Sacrificial Virgins of the Mississippi

Jezebel: Was She-Ra A Feminist Superhero?

Latina Lista: Texas Education Sec. wants businesses not to hire dropouts.  A crazy idea worth considering

Washington Post: D.C. to Offer STD Tests in Every High School

Hollywood Reporter: A Virgen de Guadalupe movie in the works

Feministe: So, What is Feminist Mothering?

NY Times: Symbol of Unhealed Congo–Male Rape Victims

Feministing: Schwarzenegger eliminates ALL funding for domestic violence shelters

My San Antonio: ICE to finally overhaul T. Don Hutto Family Jail Residence Center

Immigration Impact: What’s law got to do with it? Sheriff Arpaio defies new DHS enforcement guidelines

Mother Jones: California’s Prison Disaster


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