Humpday News Roundup

Amnesty International: Shocking abortion ban denies life-saving treatment to girls and women in Nicaragua

Baby taken away after mom refuses C-section

National Immigration Law Center releases in-depth report documenting failures and abuses in U.S. immigrant detainment centers. You can read the report here.

FAIR targets immigrants and children in Pennsylvania

The Tennessee Valley Authority ignored warnings of possible ash spill for more than 20 years.  The investigation comes after the Dec. 22, 2008 ash spill–one of the worst in U.S. history.

More on Cankle Scare ’09, via The Wall Street Journal.  Sigh.

Following changes in Dutch abortion laws, Women on Waves has decided to cancel all upcoming trips of its “abortion boat.”

Arpaio arrested 72 people in his 3-day “crime suppression” sweep, but the Feds forced him to release 13 undocumented immigrants.


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