Link roundup

Shakesville has an in-depth follow up on The New Yorker‘s Arpaio article.

More on Arpaio: He’s getting ready for a sweep of metro Phoenix

CNN Rape Fail: Child Rape Victim (Feministing community)

The jury is deliberating a case in which a Florida hospital deported an undocumented immigrant with severe brain injuries back to Guatemala.

And in Texas news…

Governor Perry, attempting a pissing contest with Obama, might try to invoke state’s rights in an attempt to resist the new healthcare plan.  (He’s already turned down $555 in unemployment stimulus aid, and requested federal education funding with only 18 minutes to spare.  Helluva guy, our governor.)

Mystery blobs of oil are washing up on South Padre Island.  Over 350 gallons’ worth of them, in fact.  Yikes.  And yuck.


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