Infinite Summer – Week 4

Oh, no!  I fell behind on reading this week.  Part of it was that I got this book at the public library, and had to read ASAP (I’m a pro at accruing library fines).  But mostly, I was just lazy and didn’t read.

So I’ll just talk about Joelle/Madame Psychosis. And I’m just gonna be blunt: I’m annoyed that she’s white.

Somewhere in my brain, I always knew she was white.  Of course she was: look at the setting of the book, look at the cultural environment.  But when we were first introduced to Madame Psychosis, I imagined her to be a pretty (but not beautiful), chain-smoking, early-thirty-something, sardonically intelligent black woman.

Imagine my dismay over getting it confirmed in black in white text that not only is she white, she’s gorgeous little addicted Joelle from Kentucky, walking around East coast academia in a veil and appropriating her Other-ness.  *headdesk*

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t particularly moved when she killed herself, because even her suicide seemed completely toolish.  The writing was superb?  But no.  Just no.


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