The Two Faces of Barack Obama

via New American Media

The election of Barack Obama presented the world with the possibility of democratic change in the world’s only superpower. The new president captivated local and international audiences with his promises of equality, freedom, peace and prosperity. Even Henry Kissinger said that Obama could create a new world order. But so far, Obama’s vision seems to be that of the “middle way,” and he is looking more and more like George W. Bush, who drove the country into economic collapse. […]

If the Obama who promised to turn the United States into a country where everyone is equal can’t even vindicate his own race by freeing black journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, he certainly wouldn’t dare to close the 785 U.S. bases in 179 countries. He is all talk: He condemns torture but doesn’t dare to punish the torturers. The same thing happened with the military tribunals and the alleged terrorist prisoners who were transferred to 17 naval ships. And it happened with the military coup of President Zelaya in Honduras, which Obama called illegal, but he didn’t cut off aid to those who perpetrated the coup.

I honestly don’t understand the public’s unwillingness to take the blinders off and hold him accountable for his actions (and inactions).  Give credit when credit is due, but dammit, stop treating him like the Messiah.


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