“Ew, Mexicans”

I don’t know what’s up with the formatting on this post.  Sorry.

via Jezebel

Bravo’s new reality show, NYC Prep, looks like a real gem.  So many words of wisdom are shared in this clip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Tall Mexicans are freak Mexicans
  • There are no Mexicans in NYC except delivery guys
  • The only reason this one guy’s Mexican friend doesn’t fall into the “Ew, Mexicans” category is because he’s a tall and beautiful Mexican

And just to throw in some non-Mexican related bigotry:

  • Some girls were unworthy of Asshole’s attention because “come on, they were from Texas.”

I guess that makes me extra grotesque and freakish since I’m a tall-ish Texican who used to be a deli delivery driver in undergrad so that I could, you know, pay rent and try to get my dirty Mexican ass up to NY for grad school and stuff?

Well shit.  Fuck you too, then.


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