Words of wisdom from Joe the Plumber

via Shakesville:

“I believe we need to spend a little more on illegal immigrants. Get them the hell out of our damn country and close the borders down. We can do it. We’ve got the greatest military in the world and you’re telling me we can’t close our borders? That’s just ridiculous.”Joe the Plumber, Great American Patriot, celebrating the best July 4th in human history with a little nonpartisan opinionating on the pressing issues of the day. He added that he would also like to see the US government “pull its head out of its butt.”

I don’t know who I hate more: McCain for bringing this dumbass into the national spotlight, or the media for giving said dumbass more air time almost a year after he proved himself to be a complete dumbass.

But seriously.  He’s called Joe the Plumber, for God’s sake.


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