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Metro Victim’s Family Getting Anti-Immigrant Hate Mail/Calls

A fund for the Ana Fernandez’s family has been set up here.

There Will be Blood: Neda Agha Soltan’s Post-Mortem Image in the Media

via Muslimah Media Watch

[I]nstead of being put to rest, [Neda’s] final, bloody image is being strewn across blogs and Twitter.

Where were all of these interested parties when the dormitories in Iranian universities were raided last week? There were plenty of pictures that were just as jarring and horrific. Neda is not the first person to die in this. She’s not the first person whose death has been captured on video camera, either.  But she was young, slender, and pretty, and so Western media images are obsessed with watching her die over and over.

The entire post, and the other post that’s quoted from What Tami Said are excellent reads. I watched some news footage of Neda dying, and the entire thing had blurred out people’s faces (including Neda’s) in order to protect them.  Then at that last moment, they unblurred Neda’s face after she was shot.  I was horrified because 1) I think it’s disrespectful and voyeuristic to put that out for the world to see, so I really didn’t want to see that, and 2) they were clearly exploiting her bloodied image for their own gain.  It pissed me off.

Holly at Feministe Highlights Trans Discrimination

Particularly the fucked up nature of the site

I don’t care whether the motivation is about how exotic trans folks are, or exposure of “suspected trannies,” or trying to get some fabulous fierceness rubbed off, or mockery, or fetishization. Unless you are actually informing people that they’re being photographed to go on a “Spot the Tranny” website and getting their consent, this kind of activity is totally immoral on top of threatening. In some cases, it’s actually illegal. […]

By taking photos of women on the subway or at parties and publishing them as “suspected trannies” on the internet, by posting personal ads from other sites that you think are “trannies,” by making fun of trans people’s clothes and bodies with your “comedic element,” you are pretty much just as bad as that guy who was foolishly messing with Mimi Plastique on the train. I don’t care if you support the biggest federal lobbying group for trans rights that you could find. That doesn’t excuse the bullshit you’re perpetrating on individual women.

For those of you who tweet, #trannyalertfail. Spread the word.

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600 U.S. Neighborhoods Have Air That Could Cause Cancer

U.S. Agrees to Fair Issuance of Passports to Mexican Americans

via ImmigrationProf Blog

To settle a lawsuit filed last year, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has agreed to implement new procedures designed to ensure the fair and prompt review of U.S. passport applications by Mexican Americans whose births in Texas were attended by midwives. Under the agreement, no eligible applicant should be denied a passport. […]

The settlement comes at a particularly crucial time. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), which went into effect June 1, requires every American who wishes to exit or enter or the United States to have a valid U.S. passport or passport card. Previously, citizens needed only a valid U.S. driver’s license to travel between the U.S. and Mexico or Canada.

The Intersection of Race and Steampunk: Colonialism’s After-Effects & Other Stories, from a Steampunk of Colour’s Perspective [Essay]

I had no idea what Steampunk even was until my little sister pointed it out to me about a week ago while trying to decide on a costume for some comic/anime/geek convention.  And now I see it everywhere.  This article is fascinating.

Blacks Surveyed Say Race Relations No Better with Obama

So much being post-racial.  In other news, it gets dark at night.

Beauty, Media, and Babies

Looks like I have another book to add to my little nephew’s library (which I seem to be single-handedly creating for him).


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