Infinite Summer

I finally received my copy of Infinite Jest today, which means that I can finally start participating in Infinite Summer.  The challege is to read the thousand page tome over the course of the summer (about 75 pages a week).

The book has been on my to-read list for quite some time now, so I figured Infinite Summer is as good a time as any to get cracking.  David Foster Wallace is also one of those authors–and there are many–I’m ashamed to never have read, even though one of my degrees is in English and I spent the past academic year teaching Comp & Lit at the college level.

I’m only 22 pages in, and already I can see it’s going to get tough once I hit that proverbial wall at the 200-ish page mark.  That said, it’s a very readable book; when it’s entertaining, it’s entertaining.  I can read readable fiction at about 75 pages an hour, so I’m not at all worried about the 75 pages a week thing.  I’ll probably finish way early if I can just focus and stay the course.

The rest of my definite summer reading list:


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