Damn you (again), PETA!

via The Abolitionist Approach

The organization willing to exploit all other forms of oppression to promote its animal rights agenda has struck again.  For its first South American ad campaign, PETA’s enlisted Lydia Guevara, Che Guevara’s granddaughter, to pose semi-nude to promote the “vegetarian revolution.”

I’m tempted to spout off into a rant, but I think Gary L. Francione puts it best:

This ad trivializes the struggle for social justice that Che believed in and for which he gave his life. Can you imagine Che Guevara “going naked for liberation rather than be a U.S. puppet?” No, of course not. […]

This is the problem with all of PETA’s pathetic attempts to liken its campaigns to civil rights struggles or other struggles for social justice. The people involved in those struggles were serious people who made serious sacrifices and tried to effect fundamental changes in the way that people think. PETA is doing nothing more than seeking publicity and donations for itself. That is unfortunate.

Moreover, it is tragically ironic that PETA is using sexist imagery when Che Guevara, a committed Marxist, rejected sexism.

Having read a few bios on Che, I’m inclined to add that though he rejected sexism in principle, I never got the impression that he rejected it in practice (as is typical of so many other revolutionary movements).

That said, this is still un-freaking-believable.  He’s probably turning in his grave.


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One Response to Damn you (again), PETA!

  1. turbut says:

    Che was many things to many people. While his humanity toward his perceived enemies may be quistioned, I don’t think his sexuality was anything other than normal. As for his rejection of sexism, beleiving it to be morally degenerating, perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing. I don’t think for a minute he would have approved the photo of his grandaughter in that outfit.

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