72 year old woman tasered

Via Guanabee

A 72 year old woman was tazered in Travis County, Texas last month after being pulled over forgoing 60 in a 45 mph zone.  She and the officer got into an argument after she didn’t want to sign the ticket, and he busted out the taser.

That’s just cold.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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2 Responses to 72 year old woman tasered

  1. Nick says:

    at first when i heared about this one, i thought that maybe the old woman deserved it, since she asked for it, but when i saw the video and saw the old lady fell on the ground and then she tried to stand and fell again, its too much, the police officer should have more patience and tolerance. its not right!

  2. Loren says:

    A good example of how the majority of our police force are assholes. The people who were never recognized or respected much in life so now they let their authority go straight to their heads.
    He shoves the old woman saying in his interview it was to get her out of the street although his car was blocking the lane and everybody always moves over a lane we you see a police officer has pulled someone over.
    The officer could have easily had her sign the paper, when she said she would. If she got back in her truck and left he could have written down her license plate number. But did the officer do any of this. No instead he thought it best to tased her, twice and to keep tasing her when she is screaming. Poor guy must have felt so threatened. Or at least his ego was. I hope we as a people speak out. I am tired of officers. This guy should be removed from the police force

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