The Sexual Politics of Meat[heads]

Okay, I’m a bit late on posting this because it’s been a crazy week. That being said…like hell I’m letting this one go. I went to a carriage horse protest in Central Park on Mother’s Day. In addition to my human rights and feminist activism, I’m also into animal rights activism.

It started out pretty tame. We silently lined up along the sidewalk next to the carriage horses with our signs and banners, but we weren’t calling things out to carriage horse customers; the only people we were speaking to were the ones who were asking us questions.

The carriage drivers weren’t too happy, and immediately called the police over. Within half an hour, a stable owner came by with his camera, getting in our faces and trying to get a rise out of us, at which point, we started chanting simply for the sake of drowning him out. Their union leader showed up not too long after, and he quickly started calling things out to us as well.

It didn’t take too long for the other drivers to start harassing us, too. They eventually got the police to put a barricade around us, claiming we were harassing their customers. At one point, there were 10 officers surrounding us—a group of maybe 20?—even though the horse drivers were the ones getting in our faces, calling out offensive crap.

One of the carriage drivers had been arrested a couple of years ago for hitting a female protester with his whip after he saw her checking to see if the horses had water. He still has his job and was working that day, and when confronted about his arrest, he grinned widely said it had “felt great.”

And of course, what would a Mother’s Day protest be without the heavy dose of sexism? With the exception of one woman, all the carriage drivers that day were male. Though they were calling things out to the entire group, they were laying the sexism on thick with the younger female protesters. Even after the protest was over and I walked home, one of the drivers and their union leader were calling out for me to “get a boyfriend, get pregnant, pop out some kids, and stay home,” so that I could make myself useful on Mother’s Day.

How people could get on a carriage horse with drivers screaming shit like that at women for 2 hours straight completely blows my mind. Even if I had no problem whatsoever with the carriage horse industry, there is NO FUCKING WAY I would give my cash to some asshole who has no problem basically announcing that all we simple-minded womenfolk need is a good fuck to get set straight.

A romantic tradition in Central Park, indeed.  Assholes.


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  1. Ah yes – poor little ol’ protesters, just minding their business, victimized by the big, bad carriage drivers.

    Looks like I’ll have to put my boots on and get a shovel, sure is deep in here.

    Every one of you humaniacs – man, woman, or what-have-you – put yourselves in the line of verbal fire and INVITE everything that is said to you.

    Harassing good, hard-working, decent people to the point of trying to take the food out of their mouths – AND their horses’ mouths! – will never go unchallenged.

    I suppose we should all just hang our heads, be mum, and let you lie and lambaste us?

    Frankly, I wouldn’t choose to say some of the things you have ALLEGED that were said; but I could care less if someone else said them.

    In the battle for our livelihood and way of life, we have been maligned, vilified, lied about, threatened and harassed like no other group I have ever known.

    People can only be pushed so far – responding to taunts and insults with more taunts and insults is only human. ^shrug^ Who gives a crap?

    Can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen – or the park, as it were.

    You ill-informed ghouls don’t know the first thing about the truth of our lives, or our horses’ lives; you join little groups and plan to meet for an afternoon of harassment, then crawl back into your holes.

    We, on the other hand, have lives and families and HORSES that depend on us. We work with our horses, and feed them, and groom them, and tend to their every need.

    All the while, we have to be annoyed by ersatz crusaders like yourself who wouldn’t have the first CLUE as to how to care for a horse.

    Wanna ‘save’ a horse?

    There are THOUSANDS of them going to slaughter EVERY DAY – hop on down to the auction in PA this Monday, buy a slaughter-bound horse, and care for it for the rest of it’s natural life. Put your money and time where your mouth is.

    Oh, I forgot – all you can do is hold a sign on a Sunday and be a keyboard warrior the rest of the time.

    You might want to pay attention to those things that were said to you the other day – getting a life of your own might not be such a bad idea.

    PS – as for the people who are getting in the carriages? They all get a good laugh at you and you and your sleazy, crazy cohorts LMAO

    And they just keep on comin’ 😉

  2. [emphasis added]

    …case in point.

  3. Muhammed says:

    I read your article and think I must be in a different world from you. I am a driver and I heard many, many terrible things siad to us that day. One small woman there told a driver he should die from cancer. how is that better than what you said some said to you. It isnt. Also some people yelling that our horses are abuse. We don’t hurt our horses we care for them, and all of you people are very, very wrong in what you do. If you woulnt lie and tell things about us that were not true then people would not talk to you liek that.

  4. I can’t speak for other people, because I wasn’t on their end of the line, so I don’t know what insults were being hurled from either sides. On MY side? We were ignoring everything that was yelled to us because there’s no way in hell we were about to give you more fodder for your little youtube propaganda.

  5. michaleenflynn says:

    I see you’ve taken down my comment.

    What a coward you are.

    Yeah, you’re a real ‘activist’ – you can’t even allow any dissent on a blog! LOLOL

    How very typical 😉

  6. I didn’t take it down. I just hadn’t approved it yet.

    I’m more than happy to allow dissent on the blog. I’m not more than happy to allow trolls to take over, hence the wait period before comments get posted.

  7. michaleenflynn says:

    Firstly – I resent you doctoring my post by boldening parts that I myself did not bolden – it’s misleading to anyone who is reading it. I have never seen anyone do that on a blog before – copy & paste too hard for you?

    Secondly – you didn’t address even ONE of my points, just nattered on about a non-issue of alleged silliness. But then again, I didn’t really expect you to tackle the arguments themselves, as you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    It is pathetic to see shallow, simple-minded bandwagon-jumpers like yourself cloak yourselves in a variety of ’causes’ to help build your identity. It’s a national epidemic, and one that is very sad, indeed.

    You’d be far better off doing your own research and thinking, rather than following the crowd and parroting talking points.

    In the meantime, stop whining – iif you put yourself out there, you can abolsutely expect a less-than-cordial response.

  8. Rosasharn says:

    Yeah, how dare a woman make her opinion know? You totally deserved to be told to get back in the kitchen and pop out some babies.

    I’m confused why michaleenflynn keeps using apostrophes instead of quotation marks.

  9. gangbox says:

    You can contact the carriage drivers union to offer your opinion on their conduct at this protest:

    Local 553,

    International Brotherhood of Teamsters

    265 W 14th Street

    Suite 509

    New York, NY 10011

    1(212) 229-9754


    1(212) 929-6828

    Demos Demopoulos, Secretary-Treasurer

    [He’s the guy that runs the union]

    Only about 100 of the union’s 1,400 members are carriage drivers – another 300 of their members fuel jets at Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark airports, the rest of the members drive oil, gasoline and coal delivery trucks.

    Demopoulus injected himself into the carriage horse struggle back in January – he was invited into the industry by the stables that own the horses, to defend their industry against animal rights protesters, who were able to persuade the City Council to more closely regulate the industry and restrict it’s animal abusive practices.

    He does NOT speak for other labor activists – or even for the rest of his membership – on this issue… Demos defense of animal abuse is entirely his responsibility.

    So you might want to call him and tell him about it (it’s a very small local union – you might just be able to get him on the phone, or at the very least his personal secretary or his voice mail).

  10. Lu-lu-lu says:

    Yes there are too many horses. This is why so many are slaughtered.

    So this begs the question why Michaeleen Flynn is allowing his horse to breed.

    see this video:

    As it goes with cats and dogs: Don’t breed and buy while other horses die.

    For every horse you are responsible for bringing into the world, another went to slaughter.

    So maybe you should put your money with your foul mouth is!

  11. janine says:

    Great post! I was there and saw the drivers harassing women. One told my friend “let’s make vegetarian babies.” if the insults were not being videotaped, it would be much worse.

  12. Demos Demopoulos says:


    Misinformation is a dangerous thing. I normally would not comment but I am furious that some one would write such lies.
    First of all I am well known by many and proud of my reputation and with the exception of my ex-wife, no one has ever said I’ve made any inflamatory remarks to any women. I was not bought up that way and do not live that way. The activists are entitled to thier opinion and I respect that. The activists who saw me on Mother’s Day know what really happened and I was proud of both sides for keeping their cool. But The Horse Carriage Drivers are wonderful, they love their horses and I am proud to call them brothers and SISTERS!


  13. justin sanberg says:

    Riiiight. Its the carriage drivers who were acting out. Riiiight. Sorry, but that is absolute HORSE SHIT. As usual. Whos showing up a our workplace shouting outright LIES and twisted half truths to passers by? We arent doihng it at their place of business…they are doing it at ours. P.S. We care for our horses…that is WHY we can breed them if we want to. Go tell the people who DONT care for their horses to stop breeding them. BTW…..The man in that vid is
    NOT michalean and he has NEVER bred a horse in his life…hes defending the right to do so. Only a true petard would argue that we arent allowed to breed horses. Petaphiles.
    If you have any GUTS youll post Demos response to this blog. You know NOTHING about how or why the union became invoolved in the business.

  14. matt says:

    Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  15. michaleenflynn says:

    Lu-lu-lu – are you feeling OK?

    Where did anyone say we breed our horses?

    Um, our horses are GELDINGS – that means they are neutered.

    And we have no breeding facilities.

    Just what in the Sam Hill you talking about? LOL

  16. Cynthia says:

    The NYC drivers get away with vile behavior. Just watch the YouTube video “Driver Gone Wild” on the channel “HorsesinNYC.” Must be 21. Also documented on videotape are: a crazed driver screaming obscenities at a young gay man who made the “mistake” of wearing a “Provincetown” T-shirt, and a ponytailed man with bandana shoving and threatening a couple of PetA employees. There are plenty of videos showing drivers saying horrible things to women. One of these videos is on the YouTube channel “HeartforAnimals.” Also shocking is that the Department of Consumer Affairs, and New York City officials, completely overlook the illegal things that go on every single day at Central Park–namely, blatant overcharging of naive tourists. Since it is a cash-only business, they are only lining their own pockets, and the city does not get revenue from this lucrative business. The U-turns all day log on Central Park South are absurd.

    As as Mr. D, I did not personally see him doing anything questionable at the May 10 demonstration. Except, perhaps, that it was inappropriate for him to be there at all, yukking it up with the drivers, acting silly.

  17. Lu-lu-lu says:

    lEveryone — check out this video on youtube

    Regardless of which idiot driver did this, it was allowed by one of the horse and buggy trade. It is backyard breeding … leave your fertile female in with some intact males. Like they do in the Ozarks.

    One of the mares was allowed to breed by her ignorant owner, country bumpkin – Michaeleen Flynn. It is there plain as day. This is the height of irresponsibility when so many horses are being slaughtered because of overpopulation. Duh! Is the concept too much for you to grab?

    Michaeleen: Don’t twist things to make it seem as if that horse was a gelding. Mares are not spayed … they get pregnant if they are left to breed with stallions … or didn’t you know that … bumpkin….LMAO You allowed this, you irresponsible, moronic, jerk.

    If you love horses so much why are you allowing this to happen? Why do you allow your minions to defend your right to breed your horse if you choose. You have a legal right to do so of course, these horse are your slaves. But you have no moral right to do so.

    Oh right, this is not Michaeleen, it is Knarf Neddor, Mr. Pony Tail.

    Hay or is it Hey, how is your raise coming? I hear it’s dead in the water.

    You know it is really a hoot when you call us Petards. To begin with, as a take- off on “retard,” it is sad and insulting to those who are born with mental deficiencies … but I know we cannot expect more from the ignorant, childish likes of you. Has anyone in your own family been retarded? You are so very childish … your insults go back to grammar school … a case of arrested development.

    But the hoot part is that you think that everyone who cares about animals, everyone who wants to see these horses liberated is a member of PETA. Do you really understand what you are saying? It makes you all look so foolish. I know I really should not be saying this because you may change your ways and deprive us all of a good laugh. LOL LMAO

    Shame on all of you. You have an ignoble “profession” and you are all lowlifes to boot.

  18. roxanne says:

    This is what Demos Demopoulos, Secretary-Treasurer represents and if I was a member of this union, I would advise you to demand the carriage drivers out of the union or switch to a better union.

    Video of drivers overcharging:

    Video of driver talking about his horse’s penis

    Video of driver calling some tourist a faggot for no reason

    Video of driver attacking pedicab driver

    Video of this same driver telling a woman to go back to her country-racist

  19. Frank Rodden says:

    I was also at the protest. YOU ARE A LIAR!.
    The protesters called the police. I have it ALL on video. As a matter of fact I have lots of vid’s of the anti carriage protesters behaving badly!
    The protesters were shouting at the customers in the carriages. It was the protesters who got upset when I started recording their nasty antics.
    Go to you tube : StopLiesSeeTruth channel.
    Lots of vids to disprove your horrible lies about our iconic tradition. No police reports were made of any “horse abuse” that day. Why not?!? The police were there, a perfect time to point out all this “abuse” you PETArds scream about. No?
    You people are pathalogical liars, keep it up., the general public aren’t as dumb as you think.
    Animal rights feminist………angry much?

  20. No actually, I’m quite a happy person. Y’all are the ones e-screaming and flinging insults.

  21. Frank Rodden says:

    Forgot to add url

    See the truth, stop the fascisim

    Horse stables, horses on farm, regulations, horses at work, protesters.
    Please watch
    Thank you

  22. Frank Rodden says:

    Michalean is NOT me. And I did NOT breed that horse. She was a boarders horse. the story is there in black and white if you took the time to read it you would have seen that. The horse was someone else’s and I took the filly so she didnt end up somehwhere else. THAT is irresponsible? You make me sick. You dont know what you are talking about, yet have the nerve to make such statements. Get your FACTS straight.

  23. Lu-lu-lu says:

    Get YOUR facts straight, bumpkin! Pony Tail IS Michaeleen Flynn regardless of how much he protests he is not. Your friend, “Justin Sandbag” defended your right to breed your horse “P.S. We care for our horses…that is WHY we can breed them if we want to.”

    Totally Irresponsible. Ozark Bumpkins!

  24. Ihatemanboobs says:

    Frank Rodden is not Michalean, that is true, Michalean is from shamrock stables.

  25. Frank Rodden says:

    LU LU…or “Mary alice..whatever….LOOK! I DIDNT breed a horse…BUT that doesnt mean I wont defend the rights of others to do so. People who are responsible and can care for their horses have every right in the world to breed them! Who are you to tell people otherwise! We are under no obligation to PETArd standards. People who belive in your twisted ideology are less than 1% of the populous. So, have fun making demands on others. Its gotten you nowhere, and will continue on the same path. We have the support of every candidate for mayor except Avella. Look it up. THAT says a lot about how much “pull” you people really have. Youre a joke. And as for our raise….”Dead” you say. Hmmm. I guess youll just have to wait and see. If you think any info coming from avella is reliable, youve got to be kidding. Hes the most hated politician in this city. So, no relevant info is given to his camp,EVER,by the other politicos.
    Ill see you out there on the 6th. Be ready. I know I will be.

  26. Lu-lu-lu says:

    Hey Frankie: I guess you missed out on Bill Thompson’s statement that he is for a ban of your “industry” also. Get real, Mr. Pony Tail. Your time is up. It is both Avella and Thompson. For years you guys would not budge an inch on making improvements – not a humidity index; not daily turnout. This is what happens when you won’t compromise; when you selfishly want it all. You lose big time. Now we just want to see you out of NYC.

    The only person in your court is bloomturd. But he is a business man. He will easily change his mind if he senses it is the right thing to do. You cannot buy him as you have bought others.

    Oh yes, honey, that raise is dead in the water because Ms. Quinn said so.

    And listen, sweetie, it is people like Weprin who could be from Central Casting for a part as a bad guy LOL – and John Liu who does not have an ethical bone in his body who support you. Now tell me…what does that say about your industry.

    And about breeding. If you were a deep thinker with any sense of ethics, which we all know you are not, you would know that it is unethical to breed horses when so many are dying for lack of homes. That is just common sense. Dummy!

  27. Frank Rodden says:

    How about CALLING Bill thompson and asking what his stance is on carriages now? Maybe you dont know…or maybe your just a liar. Either way, he is on board for our rate increase and has acknowleged the audit was faulty and misleading. It was done mostly by his underlings, not himself. It was flawed and is in the process of being redone.
    How much longer are you going to tell us “our time is up”? Weve been hearing that line for yrs. Its getting stale after 30 yrs. I dont care what you or your cohorts think of certain politicos. Your as wishy washy as they are. I would like to know what you think Avella says about you people. Hes a confirmed liar and a political outcast who is attempting to make a career out of slandering a licensed business with no record of cruelty.
    As for horse breeding. I guess you think every equestrain who has ever bought a horse is a “dummy”. Horses are bred for specific purposes; to do specific jobs. People look for horses to fit a specific type and to have good confirmation, and to be good at what they were bred to do. THAT is why people breed horses. It is the idiots who breed nags that you ought to talk to, not the millions of horsepeople who breed and buy horses that work and show all over the world. It is not my, nor anyone elses, reponsibilty to provide homes for nags, although I have.
    The filly I kept is good for nothing. Too small to pull, too strangely put together for show, and much to stubborn for a childs back yard horse. I gave her a home. I didnt have to. Yet, you are going to villify me?! How dare you! How many horses have you “saved”? None I suspect. You are nothing but a loud mouth, spouting about “ethics” to someone who has always taken care of every horse Ive owned. I bought them a farm, a stable, and have retired and kept every one of them. Again, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR A HORSE?
    You are a pathetic keyboard warrior. You need to take a good look at your own actions and stop telling others what to do and how to do it.

  28. Frank Rodden says:

    I guess youll just have to wait and see about the raise………………..

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