Sin Nobre

After a month of missing the showtimes by thismuch (in my defense, I live in the ‘burbs and have to go into the city half the time to see the good stuff), I finally got to see Sin Nobre today.


First off, the trailer is a bit misleading.  The movie follows two separate stories that ultimately become entwined.  Sayra, her father, and her uncle head to the U.S. from Honduras for a better life. Willy is on the run from his gang after killing their leader, who had killed Willy’s girlfriend after trying to rape her, and was in the midst of trying to rape Sayra before Willy intervened.  The two then become close on the train ride up to Reynosa, Mexico.

I appreciate that this movie provided a darker glimpse of the immigrant narrative and showed some of the hardships that immigrants face on their journey, such as robbery, rape, exposure to the elements, etc.  It was definitely refreshing, considering the last mainstream-ish immigrant movie to grace U.S. screens was the craptastically sugary Under the Same Moon.

That being said, all those things were secondary to the stereotypical gangster characters and the violent turn of events that accompany them.  I wanted to embrace the movie, and though I liked it, I was underwhelmed.

Another (unrelated) peeve?  I was kind of looking forward to Sayra crossing over into the US from Reynosa because that would’ve landed her in good ol’ Hidalgo, TX or possibly even Pharr (my homeland, which is right next door).  Sadly, the shopping center she winds up in front of looks nothing like Las Tiendas, the shopping center she’d most likely end up at (in McAllen). Those final scenes were soooo not shot in the Valley. *sniff*


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