Virgen Art III

My latest installment of contemporary Virgen de Guadalupe art finds:

Raul Servin - La Mera Mera Virgen

Raul Servin - La Mera Mera Virgen

Julie Soto - Virgen de las Americas (2006)

Julie Soto - Virgen de las Americas (2006)

Virgen Zapatista (artist unknown)

Virgen Zapatista (artist unknown)

Virgen Morrissey:

El Rio(?) - I Have Forgiven Guadalupe

El Rio(?) - I Have Forgiven Guadalupe

Super Maria

Super Maria

And among my favorites:


Tattoo artist: Tomás García.  Person’s rationale for getting the tattoo:

[T]he Virgin is holding a Black baby and a Latino baby. Minorities are so quick to attack one another when we should all be working together to heal this country and the world. That is what my tattoo is about – using our collective history as a strength but not letting lies and propaganda shape the way we see each other. It is also about not letting icons, symbols and rituals from our own culture oppress us by limiting the ways we can express ourselves.  I am a fairly queer/non hetero person who is choosing to wear this icon, which gives the Virgin another dimension. She is a positive symbol for me, even as someone who was never meant to be associated with her.

Simply put, that’s fucking awesome.


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4 Responses to Virgen Art III

  1. Daniela says:

    Hey thanks for the love!

    I like your blog and will be checking it out. If you’re ever in New York/Brooklyn
    let’s meet up and star trek and stuff 🙂

    ~ Daniela

  2. yanez says:

    Hi! I’m the artist of “I Have Forgiven Guadalupe” (the Morrissey image). Thanks for featuring my work (and my mom’s).

  3. ntrupt says:

    These are great! Thanks for rounding these up. I just getting started here. I like how your blog flows.

  4. lamichicana says:

    Love it, I will show this to students this semester!!

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