The U.S. imprisons immigrant children

I stumbled across this video via The Sanctuary, and I’m appalled at some of this information.  I’d known about the cruelty in prisons and detention centers, and about the careless tactics used by the ICE. 

But how did I not get the memo that 1) there exists a “residential facility” in the United States that keeps children detained as well, and 2) that this horrible establishment resides about 30 miles north of Austin?!!  (Apparently there’s also a second one called Berks in Pennsylvania.  If you know about any others, leave links in the comments section, because I intend to learn more and write up a massive post about this.)

Naturally, I’m now doing some more research on the T Don Hutto facility for more information, and came across this wonderful little blog:

From T. Don Hutto: America’s Family Prison

In May 2006, the Department of Homeland Security opened its first prison for immigrant families 30 miles north of Austin. It is the first family detention center in the country to be based on the penal model, though plans were quickly made to build more.

The T Don Hutto facility holds men, women (some pregnant), children, and infants, none of whom have a criminal past. Administered by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the country’s largest for-profit corrections company, Hutto lacks proper licensing and medical facilities, and has been proven to traumatize families.

According to the video shown below, there are about 200 children imprisoned here.

I’m really just dumbfounded right now.  How can anyone think it’s not a human rights violation to make parents raise their children in prison?  I thought the days of family internment in the U.S. were a thing of the past.


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One Response to The U.S. imprisons immigrant children

  1. Only in the past few months have I become aware of these prisons and the wide-spread illegal sweeps of entire towns in search of illegal immigrants. During these sweeps, apparently part of something called “Operation Endgame” by Homeland Security, human, civil and Constitutional rights have been severely violated by police. There are terrible stories of people being terrorized and arrested for being or looking Hispanic. Seventy percent or more of the people arrested in a lot of these sweeps, including that horrible atrocity in Pottsville, were U.S. citizens. The rest were human beings designated as “person” and “persons” with certain inalienable rights under our U.S. Constitution. The devastating toll on individual lives cannot be reckoned.

    Only until I saw the above video was I aware that Homeland Security prohibited major media outlets from covering these detentention centers! I have wondered how there could be such silence.

    I would not have run across these articles, except I was conducting a search of my own after my husband’s civil rights were violated a few months ago. Of course, there is no recourse. I contacted some agencies. No one seems to care. This happened in southeast Texas. Anyone who watches the national news is aware that there is some kind of problem down there with a lack of regard for the law, in particular, the U.S. Constitution. It is no suprise to me tha the Hutto facility is in that area.

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