It’s because those pregnant illegals have magical crotches.

via New York Times

A undocumented, pregnant Mexican woman was detained after a traffic stop in a Nashville suburb.  She had been pulled over for “reckless driving,” and rather than issue a ticket upon discovering she did not have a license, the officer arrested her.  Within the next 6 days, she would be forced to give birth while her foot was cuffed to the bed as a sheriff stood guard, be refused the right to see her newborn son during the two days she had to stay at the hospital, be refused the right to see or speak to her husband, and then was not allowed to take a breast pump back to jail with her.  The result?  Her son quickly developed jaundice, and her breasts quickly became swollen with milk and infected.

Mrs. {Juana) Villegas’s arrest has focused new attention on a cooperation agreement signed in April 2007 between federal immigration authorities and Davidson County, which shares a consolidated government with Nashville, that gave immigration enforcement powers to county officers. It is one of 57 agreements, known formally as 287G, that the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has signed in the last two years with county and local police departments across the country under a rapidly expanding program. […]

Lawyers and immigrant advocates say Mrs. Villegas’s case shows how local police can exceed their authority when they seek to act on immigration laws they are not fully trained to enforce.

“Had it not been for the 287G program, she would not have been taken down to jail,” said A. Gregory Ramos, a lawyer who is a former president of the Nashville Bar Association. “It was sold as something to make the community safer by taking dangerous criminals off the streets. But it has been operated so broadly that we are getting pregnant women arrested for simple driving offenses, and we’re not getting rid of the robbers and gang members.”

As for the idea that Villegas was mistreated?  That’s just not so, they say:

“There is a perception that she was treated different from other inmates, and it just is not true,” Ms. (Karla) Weikal [spokesperson for the county sheriff] said. “Unfortunately the business of corrections is that families are separated. It’s not pretty, it’s not understandable to a lot of people.”

She said that it was standard procedure to bar medical equipment like a breast pump from the jail.

Not pretty or understandable to a lot of people?  Yeah, I guess you’re right, Karla.  I don’t understand why non-violent women have to be dehumanized and handcuffed to a bed while already being in the precarious position of childbirth.  I don’t understand how a woman in the middle of labor can easily slip her feet out of the stirrups, hop up off a hospital bed past the doctors/nurses/armed guard, and skip off into hiding with half a watermelon baby dangling out of her (apparently magical, superhuman) crotch.  You’re right, Karla.  I’m too dumb to understand the logistics of something like that.

I also don’t understand how necessary medical equipment can be barred from detainees who need it.  Oh, wait…silly me.  The ICE needs to keep its detainee-death statistics up, right?


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3 Responses to It’s because those pregnant illegals have magical crotches.

  1. Wow. That is awful.

    I remember another story under the same law where a female Canadian tourist had to spend the night in jail for making an illegal turn or something (she claims she didn’t see the sign). I thought that was nuts and it was enough to have me stop vacationing in the US and go to Cuba instead.

    But this is awful….really awful. I can’t believe what they did to that poor woman and her baby.

  2. Renee says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and degrading. She should never have been treated like a criminal for choosing to live in a country where she is not valued as a person. It is simply wrong. How could they keep a newborn from its mother. Those initial hours of bonding are very important. I remember staring at my babies and singing them lullabies..and the promises I made to them in their first few hours of life. They would not have treated a citizen in this manner and therefor they should not have treated her in this way.

  3. Bob says:

    I would like set the record straight.

    She was pulled over for wreckless driving because she and her other children in the car were not wearing seatbelts or in car seats as the law requires. Where is the outrage about her not properly caring for her children?

    She was arrested for not having a drivers license or any other kind of ID on her, just the same as ANY other person operating a car would be, brown, black or white.

    She was detained due to her illegal status, a repeat offender no less. When does it become OK to just thumb your nose at the established laws of the land? Where is the line? This person has repeatedly shown a complete and total disregard of the very laws that make this such a desirable place to live.

    She was in fact uncuffed and unrestrained during her actual childbirth.

    She was treated the very same as any other felon in the same medical condition. I challenge you to supply any evidence at all that she became infected or that her baby became sick. Any evidence at all, you can’t because it is simply not true.

    Instead of sensationalizing untrue facts, how about trying to work with your elected legislators to change laws you feel are fair or unjust.

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