Boycott Days Inn

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, mostly because I wanted to wait until summer/travel season really kicked in.  But please, if you’re travelling this summer, boycott Days Inn.

via Feministing

Melanie Ross thought Daniel Day [the son of Georgia Republican state Rep. Burke Day, whose family founded the Days Inn hotel chain], her college classmate, was fun and a decent date – until they were having sex and she told him he was hurting her. She asked him to stop – and he didn’t. After that, Ross broke up with Day, and avoided him.

Unfortunately, because of events a month later, Ross is now suing Day for civil sexual battery.

Her lawsuit against Day is now on appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, in part because of the victim-blaming actions of the trial court judge. Judge Phillip Brown, despite a Georgia rape shield law, compelled Ross to disclose every person she had ever dated, or engaged in any sexual activity with, including their names, dates of interaction, and contact information. This evidence was supposedly to show “consent;” the actual purpose was to humiliate the victim and discourage her and other victims from pursuing these cases. Under Georgia state law, and federal law, a victim’s sexual history with third parties is supposed to be irrelevant. The result of this case is that any victim who brings a civil claim for sexual battery in Georgia must be prepared to discuss all of her previous sexual partners. The judge ultimately found Ross was not raped in part because, as all that testimony showed, she was not a virgin.

The trial court judge not only dismissed Ross’ claims – he ordered her to pay $150,000 for the court costs of her attacker. The judge found there was no evidence to support her claims of rape, in large part because Ross did not remember anything from the encounter: “There’s no witnesses in there. There was no evidence. It’s a closed door. And there’s no possibility that there could be any proof that there was rape…”

This was after the judge had dismissed the evidence: Ross could have received lacerations and redness documented in a rape kit from shaving, and “[b]ruises can come with a bump into furniture or from other causes.” As far as the claim that Day gave Ross a rape drug, defense counsel responded, “neither Day, nor anyone else for that matter, would have to use any type of drug to convince Plaintiff to participate in sexual conduct.”

The judge found that since Ross and Day had previously had a sexual relationship, Ross should have known her claims were “frivolous… there was no reasonable belief that a court would accept Plaintiff’s claims…”

The nightmare of this case, for Melanie Ross and for all future rape victims in Georgia, is that she was forced to discuss in elaborate detail her sexual past, and then she had her claims dismissed in part because she wasn’t a virgin. Moreover, not only did Ross lose her case, the judge fined her $150,000 for bringing it in the first place – a fee sure to dissuade other victims from coming forward with their own claims. This case is currently being appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia, which can choose to hear it or not – let’s hope they right this wrong before it hurts more victims.  [emphasis added]


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2 Responses to Boycott Days Inn

  1. greg green says:

    i feel the same way because i stayed at a days inn in baton rouge, la and they over charged me for my room by $220 and rudely told me they will get to figuring out what happened with my deit card and fundswhen they get a chance. they said thyey would call me back and never did even after i had to call them everytime. i complaned to headquarters and they said there was nothing they could do for three weeks. They did this to almost all of the people in the hotel. never again will i put my money in any of there companies.

  2. Helen Whited says:

    Nazi murder spree, cover-up, corruption at Days Inn, CNA/Loews, and AHLA …

    Days Inn’s nazi shrine at it’s flagship hotel was insured by CNA, a division of Loews, owned by the Tisch family. Jon Tisch is a former head of the American Hotel Lodging Association. When Nazi Tom Metzger stated, “I remember the good ole Days Inn, Georgia”, he referenced the flagship property of the 1800 unit chain.

    3 sets of Miami homicides from the 1970’s have been solved. They each had a nick-name … “The Hepatitis Murders”, The “Miami Rampage Murders”, and “The Building Toss Murders”. All 3 sets had 20 victims perish. They were committed by the same gang of young pro-nazi perpetrators with high-up connections in Dade County.

    The perpetrators are:

    1) Tom Tobin, Atlanta, GA – now a magistrate in Atlanta. Son of Mami judge, David Tobin.
    2) John Snodgrass, Atlanta, GA – formerly CEO of Days Inn hotels and formerly president of Cendant Corp..
    3) Doug Collins, Atlanta, GA – formerly president of Days Inn and CEO of Buckhead America, a hotel management company.
    4) Anthony Marshall, Orlando, FL – formerly Dean of F.I.U.’s hotel college and current director of the American Hotel Lodging Association in Orlando
    5) Frederick W. Tokars – United States Federal Prisoner #40099-066, formerly a Judge pro temp in Atlanta and City of Atlanta prosecutor.

    1) “The Hepatitis Murders” – victims were administered a lethal combination of “Hepatitis D” and “Hepatitis B” in the form of feces. Within 4 mos., the victims developed jaundice, diahrreha, emaciation, before their deaths. The Hepatitis “D” was supplied to the group by the brother of 1 of the perpetrators, Dr. Jerome Tokars, jr., in practice today at the CDC in Atlanta. Tokars, Collins, Tobin, and Snodgrass injected the victims with the Hepatitis “D” and within days, forced the feces of Anthony Marshall into the victims orally. Among the victims are:

    Helen Whited, daughter of the editor-in-chief of the Miami Herald
    Captain Steven Rabinovich, Eastern Air Lines
    Don Oglesby, a medical student at the U. of Maimi
    Dana St. Claire, a senior at Carol City High School
    Bob Bowers, a resident of Miami
    Alan Moyers, a resident of Miami and Navy officer
    Randall Clark, a student at the U. of Arizona who died in his home in Albequerque in 1975.
    Dokie Williams, a player on the Oakland Raiders football team.

    I believe that these 5 also participated in the same M.O. in the deaths of 5 U.S. Army personell at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu in the mid-1980’s.

    The “Hepatitis Murders” may have been re-classified as a “failed medical experiment” over the objections of Dr. Joe Davis, M.E.. I believe that the re-classification of these murders was coerced at the insistence of those connected to the perpetrators and done so at gun-point.

    2) The “Building Toss” murders.

    20 victims thrown to their deaths in Miami in the mid-70’s. The persons responsible are Tobin, Tokars, Snodgrass, and Collins. I do not believe that Anthony Marshall of Orlando participated in these homicides though I am certain he was aware of them being committed by these persons aforehand.

    3) The “Miami Rampage Murders” – over a period of 2 weeks, 20 persons were beaten, shot, and stabbed to death by the 4 younger persons of the gang, Tokars, Collins, Snodgrass, and Tobin.

    I believe that the persons responsible for these 3 sets of these murders should be brought to justice and convicted and sentenced to life in prison. This information can be confirmed in interview with U.S. Federal Prisoner #40099-066, Frederick W. Tokars.

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